What do you eat before and after competition

Before discussing  pre/during/post workout nutrition, it’s important to analyze why you are working out in the first place.  If it is simply to burn calories for weight loss or maintenance, then your workout is inherently counterproductive to optimal metabolic function which for many is a huge factor in weight gain.   Calorie restriction or creating a calorie deficit will stimulate your body to convert fat and protein for energy in order to maintain short term survival.  However, to prevent you from literally “consuming” yourself, your metabolism will automatically slow down to reduce the rate at which it utilizes energy.  Therefore, the amount of calories you “burn” in a single workout, you must consume plus a bit more in order to meet your metabolic needs to prevent a caloric deficit and stimulate that catabolic response.  In order to burn 800-1000 calories in one workout, you would have to run through your stores of glycogen in both the muscles and the liver which in itself will force a stress response and conversion of fats and proteins to glucose for energy.  Understand, most people are not storing glycogen efficiently anyway so even a low intensity workout for some can cause an immediate stress …

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